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  • Dr. Bergey Honored with Patients' Choice Award

    Recognized and highly regarded by his patients, Dr. Bergey has been honored with the “Patients’ Choice” recognition award.

  • Spine Specialists

    Dr. Bergey treats a variety of traumatic spinal conditions from the cervical to the lumbar spine with special interest in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques

  • Our Mission

    The mission of Bergey Spine Institute is to provide optimal assessments, accurate diagnosis, conservative alternatives to surgery and surgical interventions.

Dr. Darren Bergey: Spinal Surgeon on the Cutting Edge

When Dr. Darren Bergey explains his philosophy for performing spine surgery, he makes it sound easy. “First is identifying what I need to fix, then fixing it and then getting the patient back to his or her life as quickly as possible.”


As they say, the devil is in the details, and those details are crucial when it comes to executing a successful spine procedure. If even the smallest component isn’t perfect, the patient will likely continue suffering pain and may need another surgery. In fact, the reality is that a lot of patients come to him in need of revision surgery.



Dr. Bergey: Principal Investigator in Four FDA Trials

With an ongoing commitment to his patients to make available the most advanced, cutting edge procedures, Dr. Darren Bergey, founder of the Bergey Spine Institute and Executive Medical and Surgical Associates, Inc., in Colton has announced his participa- tion as the principal investigator in four new FDA trials that will be avail- able to patients throughout the Inland Empire.

As an internationally noted spine sur- geon, nothing pleases Dr. Darren Bergey more than knowing he’s given patients not only relief from pain, but a chance to “get back to life as soon as possible,” he says.

Dr. Darren Bergey Leads the Way in Innovative Spinal Surgery and Research

Fusion. To a gourmet chef or a nuclear physicist, the word is filled with delight.

However, to patients with debilitating back pain, the word fusion can invoke overwhelming anxiety and apprehension and instill a deep fear that life as they know it may never be the same again.

Darren Bergey, M.D., is intent on changing that mentality. As the Directory of Spinal Surgery at Rancho Specialty Hospital, Dr. Bergey spends his days not only educating patients about their condition, but also empowering them to make informed decisions about their care and their long-term treatment plan.


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